What is wrong with Airport Weeze?

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What is wrong with Airport Weeze?

Beitragvon White Cap » Donnerstag 21. März 2019, 10:39

Hello all,

I have been trying to figure out where it's going wrong for Airport Weeze. Apart from Ryanair, other airlines seem to come and go quite quickly.

Is it: -
1. The location (to near Düsseldorf Airport)?
2. Infrastructure (Taxiways to narrow. Runway not long enough)?
3. Ryanair monopoly?
4. Cost (landing and handling fees too expensive)?
5. Overall business model?
6. Lack of investment (Airport side)?
7. Passenger numbers?
8. Lack of advertising?

Transport is OK (Autobahn and Eisenbahn near the airport. Bus / Coach service to and from the airport).

What are your thoughts?

White Cap
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White Cap
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Re: What is wrong with Airport Weeze?

Beitragvon Zonan » Donnerstag 21. März 2019, 11:00

1 could be the biggest proble, but I wouldn't call it the location. It's more of the competition that they are having by mainly Düsseldorf and Eindhoven. (Eindhoven is getting more and more new airlines and flights).
2 may be a little bit of an issue, but still up to cat 5 (I believe) aircraft are allowed, which includes Boeing 757-200 and Airbus A310 aircraft.
The only problem this gives is the lack of oppurtunities for long haul flights.
3 Ryanair doesn't own all the slots available at Weeze, so that shouldn't be an issue. There are quite a lot of slots available and while Ryanair is the biggest operator at Weeze, they cannot reserve those slots when they aren't using them (at least that's what I heard).
4 Weeze is one of the cheaper airports for landing and handling. This is also the reason why we do get some charters now and then, and of course the flight training aircraft (mainly RWL and occasionally Martinair). Also, the fuel prices here are very low, which the Bundespolizei makes use of by refueling here when they are operating close by.
5 I have no idea how the business model of Weeze works.
6 The airport is doing everything they can to get the attention of other airlines and they are quite scared that Ryanair is willing to leave at any moment, so they are definitely doing their best to invest in the airport. Side note: At my visit to the tower/airport they told me they are doing all they can talking to Eurowings to get them back for NRN-MUC and NRN-PMO flights and possibly more, but I believe Eurowings wants to get more aircraft before they come back to Weeze, so we may see them in a few years.
7 There are enough passengers I think. A lot of people from the Netherlands up to Arnhem are flying from Weeze. Of course, there are way less passengers than Eindhoven has for example, but they have the luck of basing Transavia there (which may also come back to NRN due to them growing and having a lack of slots at Eindhoven.)
8 Maybe, I don't know about their advertising
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